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GLAM Brush Collection

GLAM BABE TOOLS Every GLAM BABE needs these brushes in their collection. Twelve brushes to complete a makeup look. Soft and travel friendly, these synthetic brushes come paired with our metallic rose gold pouch making it easy to carry.



  1. G410 - Fluff Powder Brush
  2. G421 - Precise Blush Brush
  3. G404 - Angled Contour Brush
  4. G400 - Precise Foundation Brush
  5. G415 - Precise Highlight Brush
  6. G432 - GLAM Smudge Brush
  7. G425 - Precise Blender Brush
  8. G430 - Precise Shadow Brush 
  9. G401 - Flat Shadow Brush
  10. G411 - Precise Lip Brush
  11. G728 - Small Flat Shadow Brush
  12. G450 - Angled Liner Brush